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InQuiry Printing Agent

InQuiry supports custom printing in multiple browsers using a printing agent application. Users can preview and print transcriptions, cover letters, envelopes, and faxes from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Application Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • RAM: 1 GB or higher
  • Hard Drive Free Space: 1 GB or higher

Installing the Printing Agent


An MSI installer is available in Software Downloads if one is needed for group policies. For individual installations, please follow the steps below.

If it is your first time using this feature, you must install the agent.

To begin, initiate a preview or print job from the Transcription Viewer or Print All/Print Selected from a workflow folder. The Printing Transcription dialog window will open. Click the InQuiry Printing Agent link in the Printing Transcription window to download the installer. (Admin rights are not required.)

Install InQuiry Printing Agent

Click on the downloaded file to install the Printing Agent.

Installing Printing Agent


Close the Printing Transcription dialog window in InQuiry and initiate the preview or print command again to be prompted to login to the Printing Agent.

Logging in to the Printing Agent

To preview and print from the Printing Agent, you must log in to the app using your InQuiry credentials. You only need to log in the first time you print, and you will remain logged in until you log out of InQuiry. You will be prompted to enter your login credentials the first time you execute a print or preview command for each InQuiry session.

Login to Printing Agent

Previewing and Printing Documents

In InQuiry, users can preview and/or print typed transcriptions from the Transcription Viewer, as well as print typed transcriptions, envelopes, and cover letters from the ‘Print All/Print Selected’ buttons.

Clicking the view button from the search grid opens the Transcription Viewer.

View Transcription

In the Transcription Viewer, click the preview button to preview the document rendering or the print button to print a document with no preview.

View Transcription

Your web browser may display a message window asking if you want to allow InQuiry to open this application (eSOne Printing Agent). The wording and contents of this message window will vary depending on the browser you are using. To prevent this dialog from appearing each time you launch the Printing Agent, make the appropriate selection to always allow eSOne to open links of this type. Click the Open InQuiry Printing Agent or Allow button to allow the Printing Agent application to open.

View Transcription


Granting permission to open the Printing Agent is required to preview and print documents.

After clicking the preview button from the Transcription Viewer, the Printing Agent will open and render the document. The print settings appear on the left and can be adjusted accordingly. If you change any of the print settings, the document will be re-rendered. Click the Stop button to cancel the document rendering.

Click Print at the bottom of the Printing Agent application to print.


If you are printing without previewing, the document is automatically printed to the default printer and the preview window in the Printing Agent app will be blank.

When previewing and printing from InQuiry, user-specific margins and print templates will be applied. The template settings are based on the dictating provider for the job, not the user logged into the printing agent.

Printing Faxes

The printing agent also supports printing faxes, transcriptions, cover letters, and envelopes directly from the Services > Manage Faxes screen.


Print Settings

The Print Settings appear on the left side of the Printing Agent app and allow you to customize the printed document. Any modified settings will remain in effect for the current print job, unless the corresponding Ignore Document Supplied Options advanced option is enabled.

All system printers will be listed in the Printer selection box. The system default printer will be selected by default, but can be changed by selecting a new printer from the list.

Additional print settings are divided into six categories:

  • Paper Options - Choose the paper size, orientation and printer tray.
  • Margins - Alter the margins to increase or decrease the white space around the edges of the paper. To set custom margins for the first page only, check the First Page Custom Margins check box and enter values in the fields below it for the margins that need to differ from subsequent pages.
  • Line Spacing - Increase or decrease the white space between lines of text.
  • Copies - Indicate the number of copies to be printed and enable or disable collating (when enabled, multi-page jobs will print the pages in sequence and repeat for the number of copies requested) and duplex printing (when enabled, multi-page documents will print on both sides of the paper).
  • Page Range - Print all pages in a job (the default setting), the current page displayed in the preview, or customize which pages to print.
  • Advanced Options - Choose to ignore selected default InCommand print settings and use the Printing Agent settings for all subsequent print jobs on this machine. Click Reset Everything to Defaults to reset print settings back to system defaults, including Advanced Options.

Canceling a Print Job

To cancel a print job and close the print dialog in InQuiry, click the Cancel Printing button. Any actions scheduled to happen after printing will be cancelled as well, such as show batch log and complete after print.

Cancel Printing

Closing the Printing Dialog

To close the print dialog in InQuiry, click the Close button. You can still log in to the agent app and print to a selected printer, however, no batch log will be available, and no popup will appear for completing the job from the selected workflow folder.

Close Printing Dialog

The Printing Agent will continue running in the Taskbar Corner Overflow, even if you close the app window. You can reopen the Printing Agent by clicking the up arrow icon in the task bar notification area to open the taskbar corner overflow menu, then click on the Printing Agent app icon. The Printing Agent app will also reopen if another preview is requested.

Print Agent in Taskbar Overflow

Updating the Printing Agent

The Printing Agent receives periodic updates. When a new version is available a message will be displayed in the Printing Agent app after logging in. The message can be dismissed without updating, or you can click the link in the message to download the latest version.

Update Available

These messages can be suppressed by an account administrator at the user level.

Uninstalling the Printing Agent

To uninstall the Printing Agent, open the Control Panel, navigate to Apps, search for InQuiry Printing Agent, expand the options menu, and choose Uninstall.