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DeliverHealth’s Synchronous Scribe solution lifts the burden of documentation so providers can focus on what matters most – spending time on patient care. Providers connect with our highly trained medical scribes in real time. The scribes listen to the encounter and create a structured EHR note for physicians to review and sign off on.

Starting and Joining a Scribe Room

Configure Call Settings To create a virtual Sync Scribe room, click on the Join button. The call settings will load prior to the room opening.

If multiple cameras, microphones, or speakers are connected choose which devices to use by expanding the selection list for each device. If only one device is found it will be selected by default. Devices can also be changed after joining the scribe room.

The camera is turned off and the microphone is muted prior to joining the scribe room. Click on the microphone icon in the camera preview window to toggle mute on and off. Click on the camera icon to toggle the camera on and off. When the camera is turned on a preview will appear.

Click Start call to join the scribe room and begin the call.


The browser will request permission to use the camera and microphone upon starting the first call. Permission must be granted to join a synchronous scribe call. If permission is granted and saved, access will not need to be granted for each call.

Scribe Room Notification

Scribe Room Notification Multiple scribes may join the scribe room, but only one provider can join. If a scribe begins the call before the provider, the provider will receive a pop-up notification in InQuiry, similar to report notifications, stating the scribe room has been opened and by whom. This notification is only presented when the provider is not in the Scribe tab.

The notification contains a link to join the scribe room directly. Scribe rooms can also be joined by navigating to the Scribe tab, then click Join.

Scribe Room Controls

The scribe room offers features for audio, video and screen-share, with a simple layout to allow for easy interaction with the scribe and focused attention on the patient.

Scribe Room Controls

1. Microphone Controls

  • Click Unmute and Mute to toggle the microphone on and off.
  • Click Down Caret to expand the microphone device list and choose a different microphone.

2. Camera Controls

  • Click Turn on and Turn off to toggle the camera on and off.
  • Click Down Caret to expand the camera device list and choose a different camera.

3. Present

  • Click Present to share a browser tab, Window, or Entire Screen with the scribe room participants.
  • Upon clicking Present, the provider can choose which content to share.
  • Click Stop Presenting to end screen-share.

4. End Call

  • Click to end the call.

5.People Click to view a list of room participants.

  • The participant list will replace the chat feed. Click Chat to return to the feed.

6.Chat Click to read and send scribe room messages.

  • Messages received from other participants will include their name.
  • Messages are shown in ascending order by time received with the newest message at the bottom.
  • To send a message, type in the text box and press Enter or click Send.
  • The chat history is deleted daily at midnight.
  • The chat feed replaces the participant list. Click People to return to the list.

If a scribe has not joined the room, the provider's camera feed or initials will be displayed in the main camera box, depending on if the camera is enabled. Once a scribe has joined the room their camera feed or initials will fill the camera box and the provider's camera feed or initials will be displayed in the lower right corner of the camera box.


It is important that the provider unmute their microphone prior to beginning the patient interaction to ensure the scribe does not miss important details.

Once all participants have entered the scribe room the provider can unmute their microphone and proceed with the patient appointment as normal. The scribe will create the medical documentation in real-time.

Click End Call to leave the scribe room. Each participant must leave the call to fully close the scribe room. Participants can rejoin the call in the same manner they originally joined.