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Logging In to InQuiry

InQuiry Log In InQuiry is a web-based application that can be accessed from a web browser. Obtain a username, password, and client code from your company's system administrator prior to logging into InQuiry.

Navigate to the proper regional website:



United States

Log into InQuiry with the User, Password, and Client information provided by the Transcription Company or system administrators. All three fields are required to access the InQuiry website. eSOne recommends users keep login information confidential and not share login information with other users.

If Single Sign On (SSO) has been enabled for your client, please see the eSOne SSO Configuration and User Guide for more details.

If multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been enabled for your client, please see Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication.

The Forgot Password? link next to the Login button allows users who have saved a valid email address to receive password reset instructions by email if it is lost or forgotten. For more information see Email Verification and Password Reset.

Once successfully logged in, InQuiry displays the Home tab. The navigation tabs appear along the left side of the InQuiry website. These tabs are persistent throughout the InQuiry application and allow users to quickly navigate to the most commonly accessed destinations. Each navigation tab is explored individually as each has a unique function in the overall application. Not all Navigation tabs are available to all users.

Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication


Other authentication apps may work, but Auth0 Guardian is the only officially supported authentication app used by eSOne.

Multi-factor authentication is another way to verify a your identity, adding an extra level of security to the login process. If your client has MFA enabled there will be a one-time procedure that requires you to download an authentication application called Auth0 Guardian onto your mobile device and create an account. Subsequent log ins will only require you to accept a notification sent to your mobile device. This one-time procedure does not need to be repeated for each client app.

MFA Initial Setup

  1. Navigate to the InQuiry log in page. Auth0 Guardian App
  2. Enter your username, password, and client code and click Log In or press Enter.
  3. Download the Auth0 Guardian app.
    1. If the Auth0 Guardian app is not installed on your phone, install it from the Apple store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android). Choose the appropriate button from the InQuiry log in page to view the app in the store, or search for 'Auth0 Guardian' in the app store.
    2. Open the Auth0 Guardian app after installation has completed.
  4. In InQuiry, click Continue on the 'Secure Your Account' screen to proceed. QR Code
  5. Scan the Activation (QR) code.
    1. Next, use the authentication app to scan the activation code that appears in InQuiry by holding your phone up to the code. This will link the authentication app to your InQuiry application.
    2. If the scanner does not automatically open, you may need to click the plus button at the top of the Guardian screen to add a new account.
  6. Copy the Recovery Code.
    1. After scanning the code, you will receive a recovery code (in InQuiry). If you need to log in and do not have your mobile device, you can paste or enter this code to access InQuiry. Copy the code and keep it somewhere safe.
    2. If this is the first time you are using Auth0, the authentication app will also provide a recovery code for you to copy to a secure location.
  7. Click the check box indicating that you have recorded the code, then click Continue.

You now have an account to which a notification request will be sent each time you log in to InQuiry or the eSOne mobile apps.

You have successfully set up multi-factor authentication. Remember to have your phone nearby when you log in from now on. See the next section for details.

Logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication

Once you have completed the initial MFA setup process above, you will subsequently log in to InQuiry as shown in the steps below:

  1. In InQuiry, enter your login credentials.
  2. The 'Verify Your Identity' screen opens, indicating that a notification has been sent to your phone and is awaiting confirmation.
  3. Tap Allow in the banner notification or in the Guardian app.

After successful authentication, you will automatically be logged into InQuiry.

If you do not receive the notification, you can have the notification resent, or you can choose Manually Enter Code.

Manually Enter Code Guardian Code Enter Code in InQuiry

Open the Guardian app and choose your InQuiry profile. Enter the code from the bottom of the Guardian app into InQuiry.

Click Continue to complete the log in process.

Administrators can reset MFA in Client Maintenance for users who cannot log in with MFA after having done so previously.

Email Verification

Email Verification Upon login, if the user has not already entered and validated an email address, a notification window will appear asking for an email address, along with an alert in the upper right corner. This email address is used for the reset password process.

The email address is not required, and the email verification window can be closed by pressing the Cancel button. However, the user will continue to be prompted for their email address at each subsequent login.

The user can type an email address in the Email Verification window and press the Verify button. This will send a verification email to that email address containing a link. When the link is clicked the email address will be verified and the user will no longer be prompted to enter and verify an email address. If the user saves an email address but does not verify it by clicking the link the verification email, they will continue to see an orange alert icon in the upper right corner of InQuiry. This icon can be clicked to open the Email Verification window. The alert icon will be removed after an email address has been verified.

If an email address needs to be edited the user can click on the gear icon to open the Settings menu, click Preferences, then edit or enter an email address in the Password Reset Email field. The verification process will need to be repeated.

Password Reset

If the user has forgotten their password, it can be reset using the steps below. A verified email address is required to reset an InQuiry password (see Email Verification).

  1. On the login screen, enter the Username and Client code, then click Forgot Password? Request Password Reset Email
    Forgot Password
  2. On the 'Forgot Password' screen click either the Send Email button or Have reset code? link (if a reset code has already been received via email). An email will be sent to the user's verified email address with instructions and a link for resetting the password.

    Reset Password
  3. Click the link in the email to open the 'Reset Password' screen with the reset code populated. Enter the remaining information, then click the Reset Password button. If 'Have reset code?' was clicked, the 'Reset Password' screen appears without the reset code filled in. Enter the code from the email and remaining information, then click the Reset Password button.
  4. If the password is successfully changed a confirmation message will appear. Return to the InQuiry log in page to log in with the new password.