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Using eSOne Mobile

!Navigation Tabs The Mobile iOS application screens have three tabs at the bottom: Patients, Transcriptions, and Settings. Use these to navigate between the main screens of the app. The active tab is indicated with blue coloring. The eSOne Mobile application displays the Patients tab after your initial login, or the last screen you visited in your previous session.


!Patient Tab Icon

The patients tab opens the Patients screen, where users can record new dictations and view patient appointments (in an outpatient workflow) and/or inpatient encounters (in an inpatient workflow).


!Transcriptions Tab Icon

The Transcriptions tab opens the Transcriptions screen, where users can view, approve/sign, and edit transcriptions.


!Settings Tab Icon

The Settings tab opens the Settings screen, where users can configure default settings for appointments, document types, locations, and other application features. Users can also add or switch to linked accounts from this tab, as well as log out of the mobile app.

Logging Out

!Logging Out

For security reasons, we recommend logging out of the mobile app when it is not in use. To do so, navigate to the Settings tab then tap the Logout icon in the upper right corner.

Patient Confidentiality

To ensure patient confidentiality, app content will be hidden when switching between apps.