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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a list of my appointments to show up on my device?
A: Your transcription company can do this manually, or we can set up an export from the software your facility uses for scheduling. ShadowLink, an eSOne application, can import information delivered to us by your facility into our system.

Q: How long is a dictation that I have put on hold and not uploaded kept on the device?
A: An On-hold dictation stays on the device until you complete it. There is no expiration on saved dictations. However, if the app is uninstalled from the device, any on-hold dictations will be permanently deleted.

Q: How long are the audio files saved on my device after I dictate and upload them?
A: eSOne Mobile keeps dictations for two weeks.

Q: My device stopped recording and is preventing me from making any more recordings. What is happening?
A: Your device does not have enough storage space to save the audio files. Remove files or programs from the device until there is enough memory to save additional dictations.

Q: I pressed the Record button but nothing is being recorded and the dictation playback buttons do not appear. Why?
A: The eSOne Mobile app must have permission to use the microphone. To ensure it is enabled, go to your device’s Settings menu, then tap Apps. Find and tap on the eSOne Mobile application, then tap Permissions. Make sure permissions for all three settings (Microphone, Phone, and Storage) are enabled.

Q: Every time I switch to a different app then return to the eSOne app I am logged out. Why?
A: For security reasons, the application will log you out when switching apps or minimizing the app. We do offer a feature that allows users to remain logged in during other mobile activity as long as the eSOne app is still running. The managing MTSO or client must enable this feature.

Q: My appointments are gone or are not appearing as they should.
A: There are two common causes of this problem. The most frequent is that the filter view has been changed. Please see Appointment Filters for filtering information. There could also be an issue with the way appointments have been uploaded to our system from your facility’s scheduling software or EHR. Please call our Help Desk at 1-800-858-0080 to help resolve this issue.