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Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is another way to verify a user’s identity, adding an extra level of security to the login process. For eSOne applications, it is recommended that users set up MFA using the Auth0 Guardian authentication application. However, due to a limitation with the Auth0 Guardian app, users cannot set up MFA for the mobile apps on a mobile device. To do so, you must perform the initial setup on InQuiry or InSync. Once this initial setup is complete, MFA will work for the mobile app as well. Logging in will require you to accept a notification sent to your phone.


Other authentication apps may work as well but are not officially supported.

Logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication

Once the initial MFA setup has been completed, you will subsequently log in to your mobile app as shown in the steps below.


If you log in with saved credentials for both username and password, you will not need to authenticate with MFA. No notification will be sent to your phone.

  1. Launch the eSOne mobile app.

  2. Enter your login credentials.
    The 'Verify Your Identity' screen opens, indicating that a notification has been sent to your phone and is awaiting confirmation.

  3. Verify Authentication.

MFA Push Notification Depending on your device and Guardian app settings, you may receive a push notification for the authentication request. If so, tap Allow in the push notification.

Allow If a push notification was not received, open the Guardian app and tap Allow on the appropriate request.

Manual Code If you do not receive the notification, you can choose to have the notification resent, or you can manually enter the code by tapping Manually Enter Code on the 'Verify Your Identity' screen.

Open the Guardian app and choose the token for your user. A one-time code will appear at the bottom of the Guardian app. Enter this code on the 'Verify Your Identity' screen.

Code to Enter

Code Entered

Click Continue. After successful authentication, you will automatically be logged into your eSOne app.


If you cannot log in with MFA after having done so previously, please contact your admin to have it reset.