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The Patients Tab

!Patients ScreenUse the Patients tab to review appointments and to create new appointments and dictations.

By default, this tab is named 'Patients'. The account administrator can change this label to something more appropriate to the client.

Patients and appointments will only appear in the tab if the client is providing eSOne a data feed. If a data feed is not provided, users can create new dictations and input a patient identifier.

The application opens the patient schedule to the current date or the last date viewed if the prior session was not on the current date. A reminder will be presented if there is at least one started dictation 3 or more days old (based on appointment date) that has not yet been uploaded. This reminder will only be presented once per day.

!Pending Dictations

Tap Ignore to continue to the schedule as normal, or tap Show to open the schedule to the date of the oldest started dictation.

You can also tap !Earliest Started Dictation (Earliest Started Dictation) at the top of the schedule list to open the calendar to the earliest date with a started dictation that has not yet been uploaded.

!CalendarTo choose a specific date, tap the date in the center of the screen. The date selector appears. To choose the current day from the date selector, tap the 'Today' button.

To view the prior or next day’s schedule, press the left or right arrow buttons.

Create Dictations

!Create New DictationTo create a dictation from an existing appointment, tap the appointment to open the Record screen. To create a dictation that is not on the schedule, tap the add button.

Refresh Appointment List

Swipe down to refresh the appointment list. Note that this works when the view is already scrolled to the top.

Filter and Sort Appointment List

!Patients FiltersTo change the type or order of the appointments list, tap the Filters icon.

!Patient Filters Icon

Users can change the mode, filters and sorting. Press Done at the top of the Filters page to save changes.


If the client supports both inpatient and outpatient workflows, users can switch between them by tapping the desired mode. For more information regarding the inpatient workflow within the mobile app, please see Inpatient Workflow. The following information in this section assumes an outpatient workflow is being used.


Schedule resources are used to assign patient appointments or encounters to specific clinicians or groups of clinicians. If a clinician belongs to multiple resource groups they can filter their appointment list to only display the selected resources.


The user can change the order in which the patients/appointments appear based on the following criteria:

  • Appointment Time - appointments will be ordered based on the time of the appointment (earliest to latest), then alphabetically by patient first name.

  • Patient Full Name - appointments will be ordered alphabetically by the patients' full names (if the first names match then the middle initial and/or last names will be used to further order them).

  • Patient Last Name - appointments will be ordered alphabetically by the patients' last names, but will still appear in "First name Last name" format in the schedule list.

  • Patient First Name - appointments will be ordered alphabetically by the patients' first names.


Users can minimize the number of appointments displayed on the schedule by filtering the list based on the dictation status. Statuses available for filtering are:

  • Dictation on other device - appointments with a dictation uploaded from a different mobile device or dictation source (InSync, InTouch, ShadowLink, etc.) or uploaded from this device but are no longer stored on this device. Dictations uploaded from other devices or apps cannot be played from this device.

  • Dictation uploading - appointments with an uploading dictation from this device.

  • Dictation completed - appointments with a completed dictation from this device.

  • Hidden - appointments that have been marked as hidden.

Users cannot filter out started dictations.

Appointment Status Icons

An appointment may have one of several status icons and color coding. Appointments with dictations that have finished uploading, either on the current device or a different device or app will have a blue icon and coloring. Appointments with incomplete dictations will have a yellow icon and coloring. Dictations in the process of uploading will have an orange icon and coloring.

Started Dictation The appointment has a dictation that has been started but not yet uploaded.

Uploading Dictation The appointment has a dictation that is currently uploading.

Upload CompleteThe appointment has a recorded dictation and has been successfully sent to the transcription company.

Uploaded Elsewhere The appointment has been recorded and uploaded from another device.

Hidden The appointment has been hidden from the appointment list.


An appointment without a dictation will have no icon next to it.

After all sorting and filtering changes have been made, scroll to the top of the page and press Done.