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Installing eSOne Mobile for Android Devices

To install the eSOne Mobile app, first open the Google Play Store and search for "eSOne Mobile". Choose the eSOne Mobile application, then tap the Install button and follow on-screen instructions.

Starting eSOne Mobile for Android

App Icon To start eSOne Mobile, tap the application icon. Use your InQuiry login credentials to log in. Both dictating users and non-dictating staff can log into eSOne Mobile.

Select a Region

Region Selection When the eSOne Mobile app is launched for the first time users will be prompted to select a region. This allows the app to connect to the proper servers. Choose the region that applies to the client and tap Select.

In the unlikely event that the region needs to be changed, the user will need to uninstall and reinstall the app.


Uninstalling the app will permanently delete any incomplete (on-hold) dictations; please verify all started dictations have been uploaded prior to uninstalling the app. The user will be prompted to choose the region upon the first login after reinstalling the app.

Logging In

New Log In To log in, press the New Log in button.

Credentials The credentials screen opens.

Enter username, password, and client code, then press Log In.

The 'Forgot Password?' link next to the Log In button allows users who have saved a valid email address to receive password reset instructions by email if it is lost or forgotten. For more information, go to Email Verification and Resetting Password.


If multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been enabled for the client, please see Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication.

If the password has expired, the user will be prompted to change it. Enter the current password and then the new one. After verifying it, click Change Password.

Remember Credentials The first time a user logs in, the 'Remember Login' screen will appear next, asking if username and/or password should saved be on the device.

(The 'Remember my login with password' option will not appear if the admin has disabled this feature for clients/users.)

Users can also choose Do not remember to be prompted to enter their username, password and client at each log in.


This screen will initially appear for each profile logging in.

Login Settings Login options can also be changed in the app's Settings tab.

If saving passwords is not allowed for users, the 'Save Password' option will be disabled on the Settings screen.


Please note that with 'Save Password' enabled, anyone with access to the device can access the eSOne account and the confidential medical records in it.

Saved Profile When the login name is saved, the profile appears on the login screen (with a combination of First name Last name). Tap the profile to log in as that user. Users will be prompted for the password if it has not been (or cannot be) saved.

Only the last saved profile to log in will appear on the login screen. Users can still link multiple profiles in the Settings tab to switch between profiles quickly.


When entering the recording screen after the initial installation or reinstallation of the eSOne Mobile App, a request for permissions is presented. Permission to record audio, search for and connect to Bluetooth devices, and make and manage phone calls must be granted to enable recording controls.
Permissions Required