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Messages Tab

Clients who use DeliverHealth for medical coding can enable a Messages tab in the eSOne mobile app. This tab allows providers to receive messages from medical coders and send replies, shortening the turnaround time for coder queries and finalizing billing sooner.

The top of the Messages tab contains a count of message threads that have not been replied to. When the provider sends a reply to a message the message count will decrease. When a new message is received from a coder the message count will increase.

Tap the Search icon Search to filter messages by patient ID, patient name, or account number. The search is performed as characters are typed. Press the clear icon Clear Search in the text box to clear the filter criteria, or the close icon Close Search to close the search box.

Worksheet List

Messages Tab Messages received for the same patient and account number are grouped together in one thread, referred to as a "worksheet". The worksheet list is grouped and sorted descending by the date of the last sent or received message, then sorted by the time the message was sent/received, then by full patient name.

Worksheets are color-coded in the worksheet list.

  • Teal - The last message was an incoming message from a coder and has not been replied to.
  • Gray - The last message was an outgoing reply to the coder.

Worksheet Contents

Each worksheet in the list displays details about the patient, visit, and the type of message.

  • Patient MRN, Visit date, and Name: The patient ID and visit/appointment date.
  • Message type: The last incoming or outgoing message type; "Query" for an incoming message from a coder and "Reply" for an outgoing message to a coder.
  • Message text: The contents of the last message received or sent.

Worksheet Message Thread

Worksheet Message Thread Tap on a worksheet to read all associated messages and find additional patient and visit information.

The patient name, MRN and visit date are displayed above the message thread. Tap the information icon Information to view additional patient demographic information.

To return to the Worksheet List, tap the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Message Contents

Messages are grouped in ascending order by the date sent/received, then ordered ascending by time. The message thread will automatically scroll to the bottom to display the most recent message.

Each incoming and outgoing message is color-coded.

  • Yellow: An incoming query from a coder.
  • Teal: A reply from the provider to the coder.

If the coder has multiple queries, a new message will be sent for each query.

Replying to the Coder

Underneath the message thread are quick-reply options; scroll left and right to see all options. Tap a quick-reply to send the message to the coder. The quick-reply text cannot be edited and will be sent immediately.

Alternately, custom text can be typed. Tap the "Write a message..." text box to open the on-screen keyboard. Tap the Send button to send the message to the coder.

Once the coder's query has been resolved or the message has timed-out (duration determined by the client), the worksheet will no longer appear in the message list. It is important to reply promptly to ensure coding is completed efficiently.

No Longer Needs Review If a worksheet message thread is open when the query is resolved or coding is completed, you will be returned to the worksheet list and a message will be given explaining the selected worksheet no longer needs review.

Reminder Messages

If the client is configured to send reminder messages, the coder query messages will be resent to the provider in configured intervals until the worksheet no longer requires review.


The eSOne mobile app can send notifications, alerting users when new messages are received from coders.


The user must have the esOne mobile app running and logged in to receive notifications.

Notification Settings Settings Tab Notifications
Tap on Notification Settings in the Settings tab to open the system app notifications settings for the eSOne mobile app. Each time a new message or reminder message is received the enabled notification(s) will apply.

Status Bar Notification Lock Screen Notification Notification Badge

Tap the notification to open the Messages tab. If you are not currently logged in to the eSOne mobile app, you will be prompted for login credentials.