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Language Access

!Call Screen

Language access provides clinicians and their patients with access to live interpreters if a language barrier presents itself during a visit. With the click of a button, the clinician has immediate access to a live person who will provide verbal interpretation. This instant access results in more accurate visit outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

If your organization is interested in making this feature available to your users, please contact your DeliverHealth representative.

How it Works

To use the feature, click the Interpreters tab icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Interpreter tab will open. There are three ways to proceed:

  • select a patient from the list

  • search for a patient

  • call an interpreter without selecting a patient


This option only appears if a client has been configured for language access.

Selecting a Patient from the List

!Language List

When the Interpreters tab opens, a list of patients from today’s schedule appears.

To begin:

  1. Select a patient. The list of available languages opens. Scroll to view more.

  2. Tap a language to select it. The call to the interpreter will immediately begin and will be played via speaker phone.

  3. Begin the conversation between you and the patient.

  4. To hang up the call, tap the red end call button.

  5. Tap End Call to confirm or Cancel to continue the call.


If an incoming call is received during an active interpreter session, the interpreter call will continue if you press ‘Ignore’ or if you let the incoming call continue to ring. If you accept the incoming call, the interpreter call will end.

Call in ProgressEnd Call

Searching for a Patient

!Search Button

Use the Search button to search for any patient in your client system, including patients on today’s schedule.

To search, enter the Patient ID, Patient Name, or Account Number, or any combination of the three. The matching results will be returned, showing the patient’s name, id, and birth date. Select a patient, then a language, to call an interpreter.

!Search Patient for InterpreterPatient Search Results

Calling an Interpreter Directly

!Call Interpreter

If immediate access is needed for an interpreter, use the Call Interpreter button.

Select a language, then a call will be placed to an interpreter.